1.††††††††Management Experience

Our managers have more than twenty years experience in the cleaning service industry.
Together, we have worked for large and small restaurants, and have acquired knowledge
regarding daily cleaning, small and large re-modeling, power-washing, window cleaning,
wood floor maintenance and installation, painting, electrical work, plumbing, hood cleaning,
carpet care and installation, awnings installation and cleaning, tile / marble / stone floor
installation and maintenance, concrete cleaning and sealing, gutter installation and cleaning,
landscape maintenance, drape-blinds and wall cleaning, dumpster deodorizing and the
recruitment, training and scheduling of personnel.

2.††††††††Personal Management

Our employees are carefully screened for temperament, ability and character.
We follow Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Guidelines.

Work in your restaurants will be performed by permanently assigned, bonded and insured employees
only and only during authorized hours. Our employees will be instructed to your security procedures
and will comply with the same.

3.††††††††The Customer Does Come First!

Our most valuable asset is putting the customer first!
I can be reached 24 hours a day by customers allowing for top quality service.
Fast, effective service is my promise!
My own personal experience plus that of my managers enables
Restaurant Specialty Services to manage workers skillfully, safely, and economically.
We are continually striving to be more attentive to our customerís needs and to anticipate those needs.

4.       Our Reputation Is Impeccable

Our relationship with all members of the restaurant business community are excellent,
and are maintained at the highest ethical standards. Restaurant Specialty Services
customer reference base gives us a reputation of which we are very proud. We will be happy furnish
you with references upon request.

5.       We Are The Best!

Restaurant Specialty Services takes the steps necessary to earn your business every day!
Restaurant Specialty Services is THE restaurant managerís choice for all restaurant cleaning jobs.